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As I am writing these words, I’m marvelling at the road travelled since my first guide (Toronto Fun Places, 1st ed. in 1999). Clearly, the writing of a worthy guide requires hard work, a good eye and strong perseverance, but sheer luck also played such an enormous part!

First of all, I was so lucky to have the opportunity to move to Toronto from Montreal. Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed my wonderful adopted city with the mindset of a traveller, never taking it for granted.

I was lucky that François, my husband, mastered InDesign. From the get go, I had help bringing my vision to life. He’s done the templates for all my guides and I’m proud to say that we’ve worked all those years without a fight (except for that time when I hit him on the head with a dictionary... my bad!!!).

I was lucky to have a background in marketing (MBA from McGill University) combined with a good dose of desire to do it my way and just enough healthy naivety to be oblivious to the challenges of self-publishing. 

I was also lucky to have met my illustrator Johanne Pepin, way back when she was creating cool posters for a disco bar where I worked as a student. She’s done the covers of all my guides.

I was very lucky to meet Kerstin in my mothers’ group, a girl whose job was copywriting. She ended up proofreading all my guides, making sure I didn’t embarrass myself too much when using my second language. 

Finally, what good luck for me that you came upon this website. I’m hoping my book found a good home in your welcoming hands.


With warmest regards,


Nathalie Prézeau

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