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Nathalie's new walking guide

Toronto Best Urban Strolls  includes the local author's 26 favourite walks, each one with:

• TIPS for romantic outings 

• TIPS for family fun 

• TIPS for a shorter walk


52 mini-walks in a bonus chapter


NEW guide by Nathalie Prézeau:

Toronto Best Urban Strolls 

256 pages, retail value $23.95

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Also available:
Toronto Street Art Strolls (2017)

192 pages, retail value $19.95 

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Toronto Street Art Strolls by Nathalie P

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About Nathalie's guides

... for girlfriends

Toronto Urban Strolls... for girlfriends 1 2nd ed. (2013), 192 pages, $19.95 

Toronto Urban Strolls... for girlfriends 2

(2013), 192 pages, $19.95 

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About Nathalie's guide

... for families

Toronto Fun Places 5th ed. (2011)

480 pages, retail value $24.95 

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About Nathalie's guides

... in French

Nathalie Prézeau est aussi l'auteure de deux guides en français pour deux autres maisons d'édition:

S'installer à Toronto

(2019) Maison d'édition Héliopoles, Paris

Toronto et les chutes du Niagara (2020), Guides Ulysse, Montréal

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