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TORONTO Best Urban Strolls

by Nathalie Prézeau

256 pages, retail value $23.95

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AVAILABLE at the public LIBRARY!

The Toronto Public Library holds 59 copies for this guide. Check the status of this title at your local branch

Calendar FALL suggestions from Toronto Best Urban Strolls by Nathalie Prezeau 1.3MB.jpg
STROLL 22 Village of Islington Murals St

WATCH This upbeat clip (2:38 min) made with 218 photos from the Toronto guide!

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* TORONTO BEAT Toronto Best Urban Stroll


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Still available!
Toronto Street Art Strolls (2017)

192 pages, retail value $19.95

Covering 43 neighbourhoods!

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Toronto Street Art Strolls by Nathalie P

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Toronto Fun Places 5th ed. (2011)

480 pages, retail value $24.95 

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S'installer à Toronto

(2019) Maison d'édition Héliopoles, Paris

Toronto et les chutes du Niagara (2020), Guides Ulysse, Montréal

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