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To recharge one's batteries...

I was looking for some insight about procrastination. My MAJOR pet peeve in 2020! And I came upon an article by the two women behind Accountability Works, describing 4 types of procrastinator: the performer, the self-deprecator, the overbooker, and the novelty seeker.

I love the solution they offer to the self-deprecator. (see the following except).

2. The self-deprecator who says, "I am so lazy right now"

This procrastinator is the opposite of lazy, so when they don't do something they are extra hard on themselves. We see this a lot with our male clients. They tend to blame inaction on laziness or stubbornness rather than admit they are tired. What they reallyneed is to be more compassionate with themselves. 

Your biggest challenge: Taking a break. We already know you are going to say you don't have time to rest. 

Your solution: Recharge. Try taking a walk to give yourself space and to begin to rebuild your energy. 


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