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Toronto Best Urban Strolls by Nathalie P
STROLL #23 Riverdale SUNSET STROLL all p

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#torontourbangems by Nathalie Prezeau Bi

Toronto BEST Urban Strolls

$23.95, 256 pages (soft cover)

by Nathalie Prézeau, June 2020

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Nathalie's new guide describes

her 26 BEST strolls out of the 95 

she presented in her 3 previous walking guides:

Fully updated and improved, with new meeting points (closer to subway stations), each walk features the local author's favourite loop in the area.


Each chapter includes:

• estimate length + steps count

subway + TTC information

map with reference numbers

• TIPS for a shorter walk

• TIPS for romantic outings

• TIPS for family fun

+ NEW #torontourbangems

Toronto BEST Urban Strolls also includes 52 mini-walks combos for a quick outings, each featuring a cool sight and a yummy stop.

3 walking guides by Nathalie Prezeau cop

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NOTE: Canada Post charges $12 to ship one book, but $13 to ship two! We charge what it costs, no more! And shipping is FREE for any combination of 3 copies of the guides.


Depending on your address within Toronto, we could deliver directly to your home :

Don't assume. Ask! 

Contact Nathalie for any special request:

#torontourbangems by Nathalie Prezeau Be
#torontourbangems by Nathalie Prezeau Ba
#torontourbangems by Nathalie Prezeau No

Nathalie is always on the look out for #torontourbangems. Follow her!

#torontourbangems by Nathalie Prezeau Ba
#torontourbangems by Nathalie Prezeau  H
#torontourbangems by Nathalie Prezeau gr
#torontourbangems by Nathalie Prezeau Me
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