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About Toronto FUN Places... for families


Nathalie's guide on family outing have sold nearly 50,000 copies since its first edition in 1999. The 5th edition was released in 2011, there are only a few hundred copies left. So it's kind of the end of the line for this adventure. The local author (and mom of young adults) is now focusing on creating walking guides.

How to get it while it lasts!

Nathalie has had fun distributing her family and in Little Free Libraries. The "book fairy" has been known to leave boxes in neighbourhood parks. This year, the author even organized a Facebook raffle for a parent to win a copy for each kid in their school.


Now, everyone living in Ontario who buys Nathalie's walking guides directly from the publisher will receive a complimentary copy of Toronto FUN Places, 5th ed. It covers fun places visited over 15 years all around Ontario's Golden Horseshoe.



Nathalie just could not pull the plug on thousands of pages on her website created for the readers of Toronto Fun Places. We know, we know. It's old and would have needed love in the last few years. But the author has chosen not to resist the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day and she decided to focus on the walking guides.


Until she decides what to do with all this content, you can still visit her website and make it work for you.

• When visiting, you can browse through the categories and sub-categories to get inspiration (especially her 90 pages on nature outings). 

• Don't forget that this website was created before COVID-19. Each attraction in position to re-open will do so according to the safely measures dictated by the Ontario Government. We won't be able to take anything for granted during Summer 2020! 

• Visit attraction's page to see pictures taken by the author when visiting with friends and family, to get an idea of what awaits.

• Consult the TIPS section, created from a mother's point of view.

• And remember that the information is not up to date. Many attractions websites or Facebook pages don't reflect the temporary measures they are taking during the pandemic lockdown. Call the attraction's website for updates on fees, opening hours, etc.

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