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Toronto Street Art Strolls by Nathalie P
The Water Guardians by Jennifer Marman a
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Toronto Street ART Strolls

$19.95, 192 pages (soft cover)

by Nathalie Prézeau, 2017

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This guide will point you in the right direction for hot spots in Toronto to admire the murals, graffiti alleys and public art.

Find the gems in 43 Toronto neighbourhoods!

 with tips on good places to get your caffeine fix or decadent treats along the way (plus a bonus section with Toronto outdoor events and artsy out-of-town getaways to tempt you). 

Whether you are a local playing tourist in your own town, or a visitor on the lookout for Toronto's colourful side, Toronto Street Art Strolls is sure to give a purpose to any of your urban walks!

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Islington Village of Murals by John Kuna

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