Casa Loma



bloc Walk 16 Casa Loma Staircase Stroll


MINDSET: When you want to let off some steam and get a nice workout (without even realizing it).

8,000 steps (5.2 km, 1 hr 20)

For years, I visited Casa Loma with my kids without realizing Toronto's most impressive staircase lies at the foot of a little park just east of the castle. It offers a great view of Spadina Road... and of personal trainers torturing poor clients huffing and puffing up and down the stairs. I heard one casually suggesting "One more, two steps" to his red-faced client as she runs by while he stood watching.


No need to run if you don't want to but this stroll also includes the staircase under Spadina, the one down Nordheimer Ravine, two more around Sir Winston Churchill Park, and one coffee break.

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