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Cool complement to a visit to East Point Park Bird Sanctuary (Scarborough)

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? A chance to see a whimsical sight on the way back from East Point Park Bird Sanctuary: the Enchanted Tree House in Scarborough.

(Note: This courtesy self-guided tour is not included in the 26 urban strolls and 52 mini-walks in the author's Toronto guide.)

Before I go to visit a new place, I always surf the area on Google Map to see if anything stands out.

When I saw the "Enchanted tree House" listed near the East Point Park Bird Sanctuary, I had to check it out!

It is actually located between the Bird Sanctuary and the Krispy Kreme in Scarborough, that I had identified as a decadent stop after my walk along East Point Park (see description in my blog!)

(Pour la version française de ce post, cliquez ici.)

The Enchanted Tree House

Located in the middle of a quiet residential neighbourhood, the tree house was not built in the tree but rather under the canopy of a very big pine tree.

When leaving the parking lot of East Point Park (on the west side Beechgrove Drive, near the Highland Creek Treatment Plant), take Coronation Drive and go westbound. Shoreview Drive, 1.75 km further west. Turn south and you'll find the tree house at the corner of Shoreview Drive and Dalcourt Drive.

Near the tree, a sign explains: Our family is three gallons of crazy in a two gallon bucket. We need more of that kind of whimsy in our life, don't we?

In the same spirit, why not end your outing with a decadent stop at Scarborough's Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (4411 Kingston Rd, open 7am to 10 pm)? If you continue west, back on Coronation Drive, and turn right on Kitchener Rd, you'll find the doughnut store on your right at Lawrence Avenue East.

Nathalie Prézeau is the author of 262-page walking guide: Toronto BEST Urban Strolls, You can get it online on Amazon, Indigo, in Toronto bookstores or directly from the publisher. The author delivers in Toronto and Canada Post takes care of the other destinations. You can also contact the author directly for pick up arrangements (with a discount) at 299 Booth Avenue (Leslieville) Toronto. Contact:


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