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Mini-walk #52 complement for the CURIOUS minds in Toronto (around the Rainbow Tunnel)

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? A 5-min walk from the Rainbow Tunnel await very cool art in nature by Robert Sprachman.

I have gone many times to admire the series of sculptures, blending perfectly with their surroundings under the bridge along East Don Trail (taking the right fork past the bridge after the Rainbow Tunnel).

This summer, as I was showing them to my son and nephew, they casually remarked that they featured a boy-meets-girl story!

I was always so focused on getting good shots of the art pieces that I never paid attention to their relation to one another.

On one side, you see a baby girl in different phases of her life. The other side follows a boy, There's a fun symmetry to the tow story lines. Robert Sprachman calls it A Walk in the Forest. Easy to miss if you are not paying attention!


This post is a complement to the mini-walk #52 in the #torontourbangems section in the authors new walking guide Toronto Best Urban Strolls.)

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