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Social engagement through walking

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

(NOTE: The event mentioned in this post is fully booked. I'm just posting it to introduce you to my "other lives" as an author, and to talk about this cool resource!)

For many years now, I've been invited (read hired) by Mosaic Home Care to give presentations or lead walks for active seniors.

I met Jane (one of the two founders) by chance at a private release of my first walking guide, and discovered that she had created a home care company with a very special approach, totally in line with my values!

Life is not all about maintenance! We need life injected into our life. Otherwise, what's the use, right?

This is why one of their services is SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT. The walk around Regent Park that I prepared for them (in partnership with The Sumach by Chartwell located in this neighbourhood) is part of their line-up of quality FREE activities for seniors. On their website, you'll find a listing of their coming events and activities. You'll need to register, to help them manage the logistic.

Jane walked the circuit with me yesterday so we could tweak it to fit the needs of our participants. We decided to make it a bit shorter than I had planned, and that I would locate on a Google Map the benches one can expect to find along the way.

No need to walk 10,000 steps to benefit from a walk in good company!

This post is a complement to local author Nathalie Prézeau's latest walking guide: Toronto BEST Urban Strolls available in Toronto’s major bookstores, on and or We also deliver or contact the author directly at to arrange for a pick up with a discount at 299 Booth Avenue, in Leslieville.


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