bloc Walk 13 Don Valley Brick Works Stro


MINDSET: When you are in a "green" mindset, thirsty for nature and hope for better cities.

6,460 steps (4.2 km, 1 hr 05)

You can do this stroll the easy way. Just park your car in one of the large parking lots on site (or catch the free shuttle from Broadview Subway Station when it returns in function, as it currently is not operating), and go straight to the Farmers' Market or the Café Belong Grab and Go counter to gorge on yummy food, than casually walk on the boardwalk overlooking the marsh...


Or you can make it more challenging, arriving on foot from the ravine path connecting to Evergreen Brick Works on either side of the site. (This way, you'll really deserve those scrumptious treats from the café or the market.)


(as of end of August 31, 2020)

See this post about my last visit to Evergreen Brick Works, with my friend and her dog. We really enjoyed the off-leash dog park!  

Thanks to COVID-19, things are a bit different. The public restrooms are only open on weekends from 8am to 2pm. The Evergreen Shuttle is currently not in function and the children’s playground is closed. Saturday’s Farmers Market (8 am to 1 pm) and Sunday’s Artisan Market (10 am to 3 pm) are open but they only allow a maximum of 50 people on site at a time and mask is mandatory.


The Garden Market is open and so is the take-out counter of Café Belong. We can also eat at the patio of the gastronomical restaurant but one needs to reserve online.

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