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Perfect St.Patrick's Day weekend WALK: Albatros Pub + loop around Colonel Samuel Smith Park in Etobicoke

Remember St Patrick's Day 2020? Days before, as the word was out that everything would soon close, I had to rush to take photos of the last few places I hadn't visited yet for my walking guide to be released that spring. Utterly whimsical Albatros Pub was one of them. And boy were they ready for St. Patrick!

A fun stop in Etobicoke

The first thing I like about Albatros Pub (3057 Lake Shore Blvd West, with free street parking and the 507 Long Branch running by) is that it is unapologetically kitsch during festive times of the year. Those in charge of the decoration apparently have a blast at the local Dollarama during Christmas, Valentine Day, Halloween...

Albatros Pub is unapologetically kitsch during festive times.

The other thing that I love about this pub (with affordable Polish menu) is that it is only 250 m away from the entrance trail to the 78-hectare Colonel Samuel Smith Park, where one can walk a 2.6 km loop (less than 45 minutes) to and from a secluded little beach spot.

Along the way, we get to admire the restored buildings of the former Mimico Branch Asylum, which operated from 1889 to 1979 and are now part of Humber College. The beach's tiny bay is lined by great properties.

Add a 3.4 km loop for a longer walk

If you want to take a longer walk, I recommend you keep walking along the shore west of the little beach. You'll find a large gravel path and plenty of side dirt trails. Don't forget to admire the view over the cityscape and the CN Tower!.

The loop I did adds 3.4 km to the walk (return point is at the beach) but there are more trails to be done. Note that you could park in one of the public parking lots within the park. There's a Tim Hortons on the premises.

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