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Mini-walk for the CURIOUS minds in Toronto (around the new South Etobicoke by the water)

Updated: May 29, 2021

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Take-out gelato from Lola's Gelato + mini-walk with a beautiful view over downtown Toronto from Humber Bay Park E Trail. Two good reasons to get out of the house!

We're not ready yet to let go of the summer! And here's a cool combo to hold on to it a bit longer.. and enjoy a long walk on the beach if you want to prolong the fun.

We tend to consider Sunnyside Beach and Humber Bay Park as two separate entities, but they are actually linked by the gorgeous pedestrian Humber Bay Arch Bridge. A very good spot to admire the sunset lights.

West of the bridge lies the new South Etobicoke, packed with tall modern condos with enough residents to support good restaurants and Lola's Gelato. (I've seen a guy in his PJ's in the middle of the winter coming to the place for his gelato fix!)

One you got your ice cream, you walk to the lake to admire the cityscape. I really love the paving at the foot go Palace Pier Crescent, not too far from the bridge. To me, it feels like a public square in Portugal.

I invite you to check the photo gallery of the Sunnyside SANDY STROLL (walk 20 in. my new walking guide Toronto Best Urban Strolls).

14B Broker's Lane, Etobicoke

Hours: (last checked on Sept 6) Open daily from 9 am to 8 pm.



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