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Wake up and smell the roses... and the coffee, in Little Italy

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? A beautiful little florist café + butterfly spotting!

This week, my five senses were triggered at a cafe/flower shop on the edge of the Little Italy neighbourhood!

It was my first visit to Olivia's Garden (569 Crawford Street, open 8am-5pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-6pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 10am-5pm Sundays). A cloud of beautiful smells greets us as we enter. Coffee mixed with the sweet scent of roses.

We sit down at the back counter, near the flowery displays. At the tables, freshly cut flowers await in small vases. A feast for the eyes. The espresso machine does its job while the florists chat, preparing beautiful bouquets.

I pause to admire my blue lavender latte… So pretty. Then I break off my golden, flaky croissant. The smell of lychee and rose filling immediately rises. This buttery croissant is delectable.

At the time of my visit, they only offered pastries and coffee but they were about to launch a weekend brunch menu to be served from 10am to 4pm. On their website, they promise us gorgeous avocado toasts.

Note that the prices are not cheap. Count over 6$ per croissant or latte. Beauty has a price… and the smell is intoxicating!

About the florist

A sign invites us to compose our own bouquet. Beware, the cost of a bouquet goes up quickly. But the flowers are really beautiful. You can also tell the florist your budget so she can make recommendations.

On their website, when you click on the picture of the huge bouquets (sold for around 150$, for real special occasions), you can see a second photo displaying the elements of the bouquet side by side.

Olivia's Garden also offers a monthly bouquet service starting at $50, plus $7 for delivery. I know a thoughtful son who does this for his very grateful mother. What a great kind of son!

While you're there

Last year, I wrote about Butterflyway Alley. It’s a three-minute walk from Olivia's Garden and a lovely complement to this outing. To get there, walk east of the café on Harbord Street, then take the first alley just east of Art Eggleton Park, heading south.

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